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BCAA EXTREME - 2017 Version (BCAAExt2017)

BCAA EXTREME - 2017 Version

BCAA EXTREME - 2017 Version  
Net Weight: 780 Grams
Brought to you by popular demand: All New BCAA Extreme, 1000 grams of high-quality branched chain amino acids.
BCAA EXTREME: BCAA's are the essential amino acids (meaning the body can't make them and instead must get them through diet or supplementation). Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These three amino acids make up 35% of the amino-acid content in muscle. BCAA's are an extremely important part of muscle building and energy production. BCAA's have also been shown to support:
- Favorable testosterone to cortisol ratio
- Increased protein synthesis
- Decreased muscle breakdown during heavy training
- Fat loss
- Sparing muscle tissue while dieting

Glutamine has been added to complete this superior anabolic formula.
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